First Time Buyer

If you have decided it is time to purchase your first home then the choice of mortgages, the legal process and the lenders criteria can make it an daunting task. 

We will advice you on the lenders available, the deposit required and the mortgage loan size available on your income, carrying out affordability calculations with the different lenders. To view property currently on the market there are a number of online estate agencies in addition the Scottish Solicitors property centres. Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre

Home Mover

Looking to move home then you will need to know what size of mortgage is available on your income and with lenders all using their own affordability calculators and treating your income and expenditure in slightly different ways there is no standard answer.

With access to an  comprehensive range of lenders we can do the calculations on affordability to see the loan available, advice on the rates on offer and take care of applying for the mortgage and liaise with your solicitor throughout the process.


If you want to see if a lower rate of interest is available so that you can reduce your outgoings we can review your current mortgage deal and advise on the best rates available from your current lender and from the comprehensive range of lenders available.

For information on the different rates avilable check this page Know your rate options


Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage