Shared Equity Home Purchase Schemes

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If you are looking to purchase a new home then there are a number of “shared equity” schemes available from the Scottish Government to assist and I have summarised below details of these shared equity schemes. 

First Home Fund

The Scottish Governments First Home Fund has proved very popular since its launch and has now run out of funding for the current financial year. The scheme will reopen in the New Year for applications from First Time Buyers for purchases completing between April 2021 to March 2022. (for more information on the First Home Fund head over to

The First Home Fund is the most flexible of schemes available to assist First Time Buyers but it is not the only “Shared Equity Scheme” available.

LIFT Open Market Shared Equity Scheme (OMSE)

With this scheme there are restrictions on the maximum purchase price and size of property that can be purchased. This is based on the area in which the property is being purchased and the size of property allowed for your household.

If accepted, you are then able to purchase a property that is being sold on the open market. You must contribute towards the purchase with the maximum mortgage you can obtain plus any deposit you have available. You can get between 10% and 40% assistance from the Scottish Government in the form of an equity loan. If with the mortgage available and your own deposit you can raise more than 90% of the purchase price you will not be eligible for the scheme.

New Supply Shared Equity (New Builder)

This again open to First Time Buyers but can also be considered where you may have previously owned a home and have experienced a significant change to personal circumstances such as a martial breakdown. The scheme can also apply a maximum household income which if exceed would mean that you would not qualify.

The assistance available will range from 20% to 40% of the purchase price of the property. You will own 100% of your new home but the Scottish Government will take a security over the property for the percentage of the assistance provided.

More information is available at

Help to Buy

The Help to Buy Affordable New home scheme is for new build property being sold by registered home builders. This is available for both home movers and first time buyers but there is a maximum purchase price which is £200,000.

The maximum assistance available is 15% of the purchase price.

How the scheme works –

Mortgage Advice

To find out more about the different schemes and whether you would qualify and if they would be of benefit to you get in touch with David who will be able to review your mortgage options.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Help to Buy

Help to Buy

The Scottish Government Help to Buy Affordable New build scheme is a shared equity scheme aimed at helping both first time buyers and home movers buy a new build home.

If you want to buy that new build home but can’t afford the total cost then you might be able to get help through the Help to Buy scheme.

How it Works

You will be expected to purchase a minimum share of 85% of the total purchase price and the Scottish Government will hold the remaining equity share under the shared equity agreement. The title deeds for your new home will be 100% in your name(s) but the Scottish Government will have a standard security on your home to protect their equity share.

The maximum purchase price under the Help to Buy scheme is £200,000 for the financial years 2018-19. 2019-20 and 2020-21.

If you can from your own funds and the mortgage available afford to purchase without the Scottish Government equity share you would not be eligible for the scheme.

Once you have purchased your new home you can in the future increase the share you own by repaying the Scottish Government for their share. This can be done in stages of at least 5% and you can increase your share to 100%. If you do want to increase your share it will be based on the valuation of the property at that time and you will be responsible for the cost of a valuation, legal costs and the administration costs.

How to apply

Once you have found a new home you like from one of the participating builders you will need to speak with a financial adviser (Mortgage Broker) to review your current financial situation and carry out the mortgage affordability with lenders and review whether you would be eligible for the Help to Buy Scheme.

If so then a mortgage can be approved in principle and you can then reserve your new home and at this stage you will apply to the administering agent of the Help to buy scheme. Your financial adviser (Mortgage Broker) will assist you with this process.

If the administering agent approves your eligibility for the scheme you will be issued with an Authority to Proceed letter confirming the mortgage loan amount, deposit and Scottish Government equity share grant approved. You can then proceed with the purchase of your new home

Want to know more

If you are interested to learn more about the Help to Buy scheme and whether you might be eligible get in touch to arrange an appointment where we can explain in detail how it works and provide information on the mortgage options available.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.